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  1. Thomas Pownall ?-? m. ? ?-?
    1. James Pownall c1834-1881 m.1854[1] Icon linking to Marriage Certificate Frances Barker[2] c1835-c1???
      1. Peter Pownall c1864-1910 m1894 Icon linking to Marriage Certificate Alice J Arrandale[3] 1867-1910
        1. James (Jim) A Arrandale[4] 1887-1960 m.1911 Icon linking to Marriage Certificate Ada Gertrude Dixon c1887-c1951
          1. Gertrude 1921-1977 m.1954 Harold Eyre (3 children from prior marriage)
        2. Annie Pownall 1896-1960 m.1927 Icon linking to Marriage Certificate Herbert Linyard 1895-1943
          1. Fred 1928- m.1956 Olive Eden 1933-
            1. Three children
        3. Fred Pownall 1898-1978 m.1927Q4[5] Marjorie Williams 1899-1950
          1. Doreen 1932[6]-2009 m.1954 Vincent Littlemore 1929-2009
            1. One child
        4. Emily Pownall 1900-1901
        5. Ada Pownall[7] c1904-1982 m.1935 Augustine Aidan Brook (Aidan) 1897-1968 (no children)

Notes and references

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  3. Alice's mother was Ann Arrandale. No father is given on her birth certificate.
  4. Jim's surname was Arrandale. He was ~7 at the time of his mother's marriage to Peter Pownall.
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  7. Ada was adopted out and sometimes used the surname Baker.

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