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Welcome to the Linyard one name study; a worldwide family tree, family history and genealogy.


The name Linyard is rare but there are known to be members of the family in:

According to [1], Linyard is a variant of Lingard (as is Linger). Earliest mentions are Jordan de Lingarth 1246 (Lancashire Assize Rolls) William Lyngard 1401 (Lancashire Assize Rolls) and John Lynger 1524 (Suffolk Subsidy Rolls). "From Lingart, Lancashire or Lingards Wood, Marsden, West Riding". We find this somewhat unconvincing.

It is possible, but not proven, that all holders of the name are related.

The majority of the data on the site is about people aged 80 or over (in accordance with our privacy policy). However, there is a page for Linyards in the public eye, historic or contemporary.

Project History

The original data was a full extract of Linyard entries from the indexes at the General Register Office (GRO):

From these were created a combined index and a table of births by mother's maiden name. Both were used to help build the English Family Trees.

To further the English Family Trees, many certificates were obtained. These are being scanned and transcribed:

A full extract of Linyard entries from a US Phone CD was acquired in the mid 1980s. This was used to send a mail shot and the replies will be documented as the American Family Trees.

The LDS records were searched in the mid 1980s. It would be worthwhile repeating this search.

A distant relative and fellow researcher, RWD, made contact. We exchanged information and he provided a copy of his comprehensive monograph: The Linyard Family, being a history of the descendants of Henry Humphrey Linyard.

UK Census records are accessed as they become available and when funds permit.

Correspondence with fellow researchers has yielded further information, particularly concerning Australia and New Zealand. This will be added in due course.


New data, photos or anecdotes are always welcome. So are corrections. Please send them to: Our email address as an image (an anti-spam measure).

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[1] A Dictionary of English Surnames, P H Reaney & R M Wilson, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-863146-4.